Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Here Comes the BOOM :)

The kids and I crashed my parent's home since Mark, Whitney, and the kids are in town and since Mike is working a 24 hour shift at the fire department.  Have I mentioned lately that I am blessed to have such an amazing man that cares for his family in so many ways!?  For real, ya'll.

The kids, mom, and Whit feel asleep early tonight which left Dad, Mark, and me with extra free time. I came downstairs after the kids had been put to bed and heard laughter, so, naturally, I wanted to know what they were watching.  Duh, right?! Mark told me it was the movie "Here comes the Boom," and assured me that I would like it.  

You probably know the story.  The high school has to cut it's budget, so the music program has to go.  Music teacher's buddy is moved with compassion to do something about it.  Music teacher's buddy and fellow teacher discovers that even if he fights he can earn extra income to help reinstate the music program for the next fall.  And he isn't terribly concerned about winning the fights because he can help restore music to the school, to the community, even if he loses.  

Are you seeing how this relates to us yet? I couldn't help but think of you and me, ya'll! We were made to look to our Glorious King and Father and FIGHT, in the name of Jesus, for each other even if we get knocked down over and over again!  We fight to keep our love on!  To have each other's backs as we intercede for one another as the Lord brings us to each other's minds. We must keep fighting and defending each other.  We fight to help each other know or to remember WHO they are and WHOSE they are!  Because when we stop fighting, the music of heaven fades away.  We were made to look to our Creator and create melody, to create harmony, and even dissoance because dissonance serves as the iron sharpening iron.  Can you hear the sound of beautiful music?!   

Keep fighting, ya'll!  Keep believing the best that God has for you--that He has for your family, for your commmunity.  Don't lose hope that God can use the ordinary to do extraordinary.  He can, He did, and HE DOES!  (Open up the Bible and read a few pages or read of past revivals!)  

You have not been disqualified from pursing a heart-felt relationship with the king!  He LOVES YOU!

:) Now, back to the movie. :)

Of course, you know or can probably guess how the story ends even if you haven't seen the movie.  Ordinary teacher turned fighter-on-the-side gets promoted from as a MMA fighter to the "big leagues" as a UFC fighter.  The odds are completely against him in that cage, but AS he looks up and sees what is at stake--the loss of beautiful music--he finds the heart to keep fighting!

Ya'll, we were made for the "big leagues!"  There is no one who can fight better, harder, longer, and farther than our God!  And if you know Him as your Savior, HE LIVES IN YOU, and He says that you and I are joint-heirs, and WE ARE HIS KIDDOS!  Our Heavenly Dad has given US AUTHORITY to take back our communities where the music is slowly fading away!  And as we fight for our King and on behalf of each other, we WILL UNITE!  

Much love!  I am SO EXCITED about what God is doing and is going to do in our communities!  Don't you DARE give up or lose heart!  He is really, really, GOOD God, and we simply have to walk in agreement with Him. 

"Lord!  SHOW us the music of heaven!  Show us how to fight for You, for love, for your Kingdom to come and your will to be done on this earth!  Teach us to love like you do!  We love you, God!